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Package Engineering and Manufacturing Sourcing Services



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Merchandise Engineering and Design 


High quality materials and manufacturing craftsmanship together with high profit margins is the muscle that drives a brand names reputation. Unfortunately, due to intense competition within the manufacturing industry as well as higher manufacturing inspection obstacles with it comes to overviewing quality control overseas, some facilities are now being forced to over promise, cut corners and under deliver in order to secure survival, leaving the brand to suffer the consequences. In order to assure our customers success, Socialeap Media only works with trusted manufacturing facilities within the USA as well as overseas which allow the implementation of strict quality control measures assuring that all our designs live up to the world class quality standards intended. Furthermore, thanks to our highly professional in house team of engineers, designers and quality control experts as well as our strong ongoing relationship with our manufacturing facilities on a world wide scale we are able to lay the groundwork so that our customers achieve the expected quality at world wide competitive manufacturing price points regardless of the niche. 


Package Engineering ​

Every single aspect of a product is important in order to instill the upmost consumer experience across and what some fail to understand is just how much packaging and visual presentation plays in your consumers initial perception of your overall product and brands quality. This is why Apple, GoPro, DJI as well as many other company's go the extra mile when it comes to the attention and design to the ergonomics of the unboxing mechanics, packaging materials used and artwork for their products packaging even though it might sometimes mean shaving off a little bit more profits of the top end. Within our operations we have solely developed an infrastructure of world class package designers, engineers and top manufacturing facilities allowing our clients the opportunity of assuring not only maximizing the complete consumer experience but effectively drive the correct perception of brands quality as whole by creating their very own unique and high quality packaging designs. 

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