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From instagram, to the wave of countless fitness influencers, to the ever-growing urge of needing to have the upmost healthy body, it almost seems that every day more and more people are getting bit by the fitness bug. With all of the hype, it’s not a surprise that the fitness industry has not only sky-rocked to an astonishing annual rate of almost 10% weighing upwards of $94 Billion as of 2018 only in the U.S. and expected to grow to a massive $108 Billion by 2019 (according to the IHRSA), but allowed normal everyday fitness enthusiasts to start becoming self-made millionaires by channeling their passion for the fitness through today’s highly influential digital and social media platforms. Rick Berks - Owner of “U-Fit Gyms” was able to grow his gym franchise to over 100 locations within 15 countries amassing Millions of dollars in the process, Dwayn Johnson’s “Project Rock: alone has brought millions of dollars to the Under Armour brand by leveraging his 160+ Million Followers on Instagram, Kayla Itsines averages net monthly sales of about $170,000 on a monthly basis leveraging her 12.7 Million Followers and Lyzabeth Lopez has gross sales of around $27,000 on a monthly basis capitalizing her 1.8 Million followers according to standard industry social media follower conversion rates.



All of this being said, understanding the upmost importance and impact that digital marketing platform channels have had in creating so much success for these brands as well as thousands of others around the world, Socialeap Media has dedicated a massive amount of it’s efforts into crafting a specialized set of tools and services which will not only allow fitness brands large and small to acquire a full world class marketing department at the turn of a dime but capture higher conversion rates as well as larger overall brand awareness and loyalty through creative, disruptive and streamlined digital marketing initiatives specific to this individual industry.

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