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Influencer Marketing

Influencer Merchandising

Not all business men and business women are influencers and not all influencers are into business. Whether you believe it or not this is a more than common situation within the influencer community. Currently there are hunderds of thousands of people around the globe that even though they communicate and/or create content for their niche views lack the experience and/or expertise to design, manufacture, find reputable high quality and reasonable priced suppliers, negotiate MOQ's, implement optimized growth structures etc. In short, how to turn their engagement into value added business opportunities for not only themselves as well as their followers. Together with our team of engineers, designers, manufacturing experts, manufacturing partnerships, web design professionals we have been able to provide a turn key infrastructure for any influencer to quickly, easily and safely create, manufacture, sale and distribute their own high quality products.
Influencer Merchandising and Partnership

Influencer Partnerships

For as long as there has been public figures and business entities, both have understood the power of partnering together to simultaneously the individuals personal brand as well as the corporate entities brand presence. This being said, it's not a surprise why mega giants like Nike Chips Ahoy, Addidas, Budwiser, Fubu, Underarmour, Ferrari, BMW, Nascar, Formula 1 amongst countless others around the world have heavily relied on this effective marketing strategy to exponentially expand their marketshare. With the ever growing social media platforms as well as the number of regular people becoming one niche celebrities, anyone with even a modest following could be of incredible synergetic value not only to major brands but emerging brands with large value propositions. Here at Socialeap Media we have dedicated a great majority of our efforts not only to building a strong rapport with online celebrities but with various major as well as emerging brands on a world wide scale so as to provide both sides a synergetic connection opportunity based on trust, professionally, quality and expertise. 

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