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Hello Esther, 


This is what an imbedded Matterport Rendering would look like in your website. What we usually recommend our web design clients that use Matterport 3D Virtual Tours in their marketing efforts is to make a link on their web page header called something along the lines of “Current Properties” or “My Listings” or something like this and within that specific page imbed their Matterport 3D Tours as you see in this example so that your clients can easily access the full virtual tour without the need of putting an un-personal Matterport link within your Zillow or MLS listings. 


Please note that this page is a hidden page within my original website, so in order that no other clients access this example the only way you can access it is through this link sent. Within your website, it would be designed so that your clients could access this page through a link directly on your site. 


Finally we designed this example page to be mobile optimized. This being said, please feel free to access this link via your mobile device so that you can also get an idea of what your clients will see in the even that they access this site style through their mobile device. 

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